Selfie with Larry

Last week we were discussing Drama pedagogy in class, so I intended to show the students the DramaThemes resources. In many schools, I have seen at least one DramaThemes book somewhere, and I have found them extremely useful when teaching drama myself. While I was holding the stack of various editions of the books and waiting for the elevator, I noticed another person also waiting. It slowly dawned on me that the other person was the author, Dr. Larry Swartz! Just as I realized this, he noticed my handful and said, “Hey I wrote those books!” I got the chance to tell him what I was using the books for and he encouraged me, saying that new teachers usually find a lot of useful material within. That day I was too shy to ask him to take a selfie with me, but when I ran into him in the same place again later, I did ask and he was happy to pose with me. Thanks Larry!

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